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            About Us
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            Haobo Electronic & Technology Company Ltd is a professional magnetic core manufacturer. The company has a number of experts who are experienced in both soft ferrite academic research and practical operation. The company has a strong team who is dedicated in material research and product development.

            The company started to establish a solid working relationship with renowned international ferrite oxide suppliers.such as JFE steel corporation, Japan and China Steel, Taiwan as early as mid-last century. The company is strict in raw material selection and the quality of the products is up to either Japanese or European specifications. Therefore, most of the products could replace those which are imported from big international manufacturers.

            The main production of various specifications, types of high frequency and low loss of high quality soft magnetic ferrite core. Specifications and shapes include: EE, EF, efds, EC, EI, EPC, PQ, RM, ET,FT, UU, magnetic ring, magnetic stripe, column, magnetic cylinder, etc.

            We welcome your enquiry or/and visit and we are devoted to provide our customers with: best quality product, best price and best service.

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